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Comox’s Hearing Care Provider

For over 40 years, Beltone Hearing Care Centre has been proudly serving the residents of Comox, BC. Comox is home to the Comox Air Force Base, which was established during the second world war.

Our practice is located on the corner of Anderton and Guthrie, right in between the Shoppers Drug Mart and Highland Family Practice. There is an A&W and a TD Bank in front of the facility on Guthrie Road. We help support local organizations like the Serving Veterans (DVA) and WorkSafe BC applicants with our services and are also involved in fundraising for the Rotary Club. Led by Roberta Lacroix, RHIP, our office is open five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Hearing Care Provider in Comox, BC

At Beltone Hearing Care Centre, you can rest assured you’ll be treated with respect and care. The providers on our staff are experienced, knowledgeable professionals and are eager to help you along your hearing journey.

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Hearing Care Services in Comox, BC

Your ability to hear plays a major role in healthy communication and connecting with the world around you. That’s why we offer an expansive range of services and technology that can help you get more out of life while managing your hearing loss.

If our diagnostic testing process indicates hearing loss, our dedicated team of hearing professionals will work with you to find the best path forward. In addition to diagnostic tests, we also offer video otoscopy, as well as hearing aid fitting and maintenance. No matter your hearing needs, our professional hearing staff is here to assist you every step of the way – from the selection and fitting process to ongoing treatments and repairs.

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To determine if hearing aids are the right course of treatment for your hearing loss, we will first need to conduct a hearing evaluation. These evaluations help your provider identify the best style of hearing aid to meet your needs, lifestyle and budget. Your provider will also walk you through the various features and options based on your preferences, ensuring you are paired with the right device.

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When it comes to hearing loss, identifying early signs is key to finding the best path forward. Hearing tests provide an accurate picture of your hearing loss and allow your provider to recommend the right treatment. We also offer industrial screenings for patients who work in high-risk environments for noise damage.

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Hearing Aids in Comox, BC

Every case of hearing loss is unique to the individual. That’s why we are committed to offering customized solutions to meet your unique needs. Our professionals will help you find the best device for your specific hearing loss, taking into account your budget and lifestyle.

In addition to choosing the right style and shape for your ear anatomy, features play a critical role in how well your device fits into your life. We carry a wide range of hearing aid styles equipped with a variety of features from top hearing aid manufacturers. We also carry a number of hearing accessories, including earplugs for musicians and water protection.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aid Styles

As hearing aid technology continues to evolve, choosing a style that suits your needs can be challenging. At Beltone Hearing Care Centre, we understand each person experiences hearing loss differently. Not all hearing aid styles are suitable for everyone, so we carry various devices that differ in size, placement, features and amplification.

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Beltone Products

Beltone Hearing Aids

All Beltone hearing aids are equipped with features that mimic natural hearing, accessories that allow direct streaming, and apps that make them easy to adjust and manage from anywhere. Beltone Hearing Care Centre offers many types of Beltone hearing aids to fit your lifestyle, personal preferences, and level of hearing loss.

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Other Brands

Other Hearing Aid Brands

Because no type and degree of hearing loss are precisely the same for one person, there are many styles of hearing aids and hearing aid accessories available on the market. At Beltone Hearing Care Centre, we carry the latest technology provided by the top hearing aid manufacturers to offer the best choices for our patients.

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Hearing Protection

Earmolds & Earplugs

Choosing the right hearing protection for daily use is essential to protecting your hearing. That’s why our hearing aid specialists at Beltone Hearing Care Centre are ready to help you find the right type of protection retrofitted to your daily needs. It’s never too late to take your hearing health into your own hands, and we’re ready to help!

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