Earwax Removal

Beltone Hearing Care Centre provides solutions to remove earwax blockages. A small build-up can have a huge impact on your ability to hear. Solutions for removal are non-invasive and can be completed in under an hour.

Understanding Earwax

Earwax is useful in normal day-to-day functions. It prevents harmful debris from entering your ear canal. After a specified amount of time has passed, earwax carries the debris out of the canal to the outer ear where you can remove it with a washcloth.

When that process fails, the old earwax stays while the new earwax keeps being created. This is how blockages happen, and this is when useful earwax becomes harmful to your health. For some individuals, their body creates too much earwax at once. So even with the natural removal methods, their body won’t be able to keep up with the excess wax.

Other Blockages

Sometimes blockages are unavoidable based on your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time wearing headphones or earbuds, then build-up chances are higher than normal. If this earwax allows to build up too much, it will collect in the canal and cause blockages.

Symptoms of an earwax blockage can range from mild to severe. This includes ear pain, a decrease in hearing, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, drainage from the ear canal and an odour. An earwax build-up can become a serious hindrance to your life without treatment.


Normal home cleanings can prevent build-ups from becoming a problem. A registered hearing instrument practitioner (RHIP) can coach you on cleaning techniques and provide guidance on best home-care tips, which typically include washing your ears in the shower and removing built-up wax from the outer ear bowl after.

When visiting a RHIP, they may use a curette to clean wax from the ears. It is painless and more than capable of clearing out the majority of wax problems. For a deeper clean, irrigation with water may used. This flushes out wax and other irritants from the ear with a gentle wash. In a matter of minutes, your ears will have a slight popping sensation as air is finally able to enter and escape your ear canals. Micro-suction is another option to remove earwax and is a great alternative to the curette or irrigation. It removes the wax from the ear with a painless suction after reviewing the build-up with a microscope.

**Please note this service may not be available at all clinics. Give your nearest location a call to find out more information.