Beltone Hearing Aids & Accessories

Beltone Imagine

The only hearing solution tailored to you

  • Tailored Sound – Uses the uniqueness of your ear to deliver sounds exactly as nature intended.
  • Tailored Connectivity – World-class technology keeps you connected to your world.
  • Tailored Care – Comes with personalized support and care that’s right beside you every step of the way.
  • Tailored Design – Made with an all-new design, colors, and features to fit your lifestyle.

Benefit from revolutionary technology

Imagine’s new revolutionary hearing technology, Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear hearing solution (M&RIE), filters and delivers the most natural sound yet. M&RIE is a hearing solution unlike any other. It works with your unique ear shape to collect sound just as nature intended.

Beltone Amaze

The most complete and finest product in the industry, Beltone Amaze will give you an amazing hearing experience in all situations with a clearer, fuller and richer sound. Easy to use and offering full Beltone Remote Care whenever you need it, Beltone Amaze simply cannot be matched. Tap into excellent connectivity for crystal-clear streaming and personalized control and take advantage of the rechargeable battery that will keep you going for a full day on a single charge. Beltone Amaze is available in a wide variety of styles.


Beltone Trust™

Beltone Trust prepares you for life’s special moments better than any other hearing aid, wherever you are. It offers exceptional sound, discreet and customized design and personal control. You deserve the best, and Beltone Trust brings the premier hearing care you need to a whole new level. The Remote Care™ feature gives you extra support in-between scheduled appointments with your hearing care professional, no matter where you are. Beltone Trust is available in all styles.


Beltone Boost Max™

Boost Max was designed using Beltone’s groundbreaking hearing technology found in Beltone Trust™. It offers powerful amplification, unrivaled sound quality and seamless connectivity and remote support. With a range of superior sound processing features that enhance speech clarity, Beltone Boost Max is designed for the most challenging listening situations – and can be tailored to your specific needs.


Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery Solution

Make battery changes a thing of the past. Thanks to Beltone’s integrated lithium-ion battery, you will no longer need to replace batteries. And, with the most user-friendly portable charger in the industry, you can charge confidently into every day.

Beltone’s rechargeable battery will last up to 30 hours when fully charged. And, recharging is simple! Place your hearing aids in the charger overnight, and they will be ready again in the morning. If you forget to charge your hearing aids, no worries. In just 30 minutes, they will be ready to go another eight hours before the next charge.


Beltone Apps

Control your hearing aids with Beltone apps.

Beltone Apps let you control your wireless-enabled hearing aids and much more.

Beltone HearMax app

The Beltone HearMax app is the most advanced control app for hearing aids. It connects your Beltone Trust, Beltone Boost Max and Beltone Amaze hearing aids to your iPhone®, Apple Watch® or Android™ phone for an easy and discreet way to control your hearing aids. With a new, sleek and intuitive design that features one-tap access to the most popular features, it’s a great way to enhance your Beltone hearing aid experience. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play today.

Beltone HearPlus app

Control your hearing aids in a simple and intuitive way directly from your favorite device. Enjoy easy access to your favorite controls. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play today.

Beltone SmartRemote app

The Beltone SmartRemote app is the easy way to get the most out of your hearing aids. Use your iPhone® or Android™ phone as a discreet remote control and adjust listening programs, or listen to your stereo or TV through Beltone Direct wireless accessories with a simple swipe of your fingers. It doesn’t get much easier.  All you need is the Direct Phone Link 2. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play today.

Beltone Tinnitus Calmer app

Distract your brain from focusing on your tinnitus with the help of Beltone’s Tinnitus Calmer app. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices, the app offers a combination of Sound Therapy and relaxing exercises which can help provide relief from tinnitus.


Wireless Accessories

Beltone Direct Line wireless accessories make it easier for you to engage and interact in any hearing situation and link to the world around you. Whether you are watching television, following a conversation at a distance or talking on the phone, there is a wireless accessory that can help you hear even better

Beltone Phone Link 2

With the Phone Link 2 you can hear the phone ring directly in your hearing aids and speak hands-free, even when your phone is put away in a pocket or a handbag. The Phone Link 2 also serves as a remote control to adjust hearing aid volume or change your environmental programs whether or not you are on the phone. And the Beltone SmartRemote app works with the Phone Link 2 to turn an iPhone® or Android™ phone into a discreet, full-functioning remote control.

Beltone Remote Control 2

The intuitive Beltone Remote Control 2 makes hearing simple. You can adjust the volume in one or both hearing aids, change programs, or easily switch between sound streamed from your TV, radio, myPAL or PC. You can even adjust the balance between the sounds around you and the streaming audio to make sure you hear everything you want. And the large LCD display shows your programs, volume and battery level at a glance.

Beltone TV Link 2

With the Beltone Line TV Link 2, you’ll enjoy clear sound from your TV or any other audio device – at your own preferred volume – while still being able to participate in conversations around you. It connects directly to virtually any audio device: TVs, stereos or computers, and delivers entertainment directly to your hearing aids.

Beltone Remote Control

Choosing how you hear has never been easier. With the Beltone Remote Control, you can discreetly adjust the volume of your hearing aids and change programs without even looking. The accessory is super tactile, so you can feel your way easily and make changes with just one touch. Make changes discreetly or out in the open – either way you’re in control.

Beltone myPAL Micro and Pro

Non-face-to-face communication can be a challenge for everyone – hearing aids or not. The Beltone myPAL is a small portable microphone you hand over to the person you want to hear. It captures the sound clearly, even in noisy environments, and streams it directly into your hearing aids, bringing the conversation or entertainment closer to you.