Tinnitus Treatment Options

Tinnitus is a disruptive condition that causes noises to repeat randomly in one or both ears. Beltone Hearing Care Centre provides the latest tinnitus treatment options. But a large percentage of the population still lives with tinnitus, even with the available treatments. With advances in technology, there is no reason to deal with the worst effects of this hearing issue.

The Cause

Tinnitus can be short-term or long-term. Short-term tinnitus is caused by small things like ear wax blockage, noise pollution, medical conditions and hormonal changes. Getting rid of short-term tinnitus is not as involved as its more dangerous counterpart. And to make things better, short term tinnitus doesn’t involve continued monitoring.

Long-term tinnitus is described as a condition so fierce it requires continued monitoring to prevent worsening effects. Causes of this type of tinnitus are prolonged noise exposure, head trauma, serious health diseases and old age. Long-term tinnitus causes are usually tied to life-changing conditions that can usually be avoided. So, the best cause to prevent it is with simple lifestyle changes.


Despite its effects, tinnitus is not considered a disease. You should consider it as a warning, or a symptom that something is not right with your auditory system. The main effect of this issue is a lower quality of life. Instead of clear, uninterrupted hearing, you have a constant nagging sound playing in your head.

Tinnitus sounds range from whistling, crackling, popping all the way to actual songs playing on repeat. The noises are random, and the volume goes up and down. Subjective tinnitus is when you’re the only person that can hear the noise. Objective tinnitus can actually be heard by a registered hearing instrument practitioner (RHIP) when doing an ear examination, but is still equally as frustrating as subjective tinnitus.


Short-term tinnitus is quite easy to cure by resolving the actual cause. Removing a wax blockage takes minutes, and can instantly restore normal hearing. For other short-term causes, following the instructions of your RHIP is recommended. This includes small lifestyle changes or protection in areas where noise pollution is at its worst.

Long-term tinnitus has more complex treatments to provide the relief needed. A few modern hearing aids have been developed to combat tinnitus and restore hearing. These devices are equipped with a masking feature that enables wearers to block out tinnitus sounds.

Noise-generating machines can also be used to help override the sounds tinnitus can cause. These can be used separately or in tandem with other treatments.

For a more thorough treatment, tinnitus counselling programs are a popular choice for dealing with long-term tinnitus. This type of retraining therapy helps sufferers to drown out the worst effects of the condition and live a normal life. Tinnitus counseling can be combined with other treatments for a comprehensive solution to long-term problems.