Hearing aids are complex pieces of technology and must be cared for properly to help maintain their quality and avoid damage. If you are experiencing hearing loss, you will know just how vital your hearing aid is to your life and the benefits it brings. However, finding the right hearing aid and fitting it is only the beginning of the journey.

This hearing aid maintenance guide can help you to take care of your hearing aid.

Listen to Your Hearing Specialist

When you have your hearing aid fitted, your hearing specialist will talk you through how to fit it daily, take it off, handle it, clean it and store it. It can be a lot of information to take in, but you must pay attention as it will include everything you need for proper care and hearing aid maintenance. Modern hearing aids have a shelf life of five to seven years, so listen to your hearing specialist and take notes if you need to ensure you protect their lifespan and get the best experience possible.

Get the Proper Cleaning and Care Tools

For starters, you need a suitable case to protect your hearing aids when they aren’t being worn. You will also need a wax pick and brush. This is because earwax can buildup on your hearing aid, and if it isn’t cleaned, it can affect the quality of the sound and permanently damage the device. A wax pick and brush will help you effectively clean and remove ear wax to avoid build-up and damage. A small air blower can be a great tool to ensure nothing gets stuck within the device, and you can clean all parts of your hearing carefully without causing too much damage.

Clean Your Hearing Aid Daily

Your hearing aid can come into contact with many different contaminants during the course of the day. You must clean them after each use before you put them away when not in use. Use a soft dry cloth to give them a clean each day. Do not use any chemicals or alcohol wipes to clean your hearing aids, and make sure they are kept dry, as moisture can damage them.

Keep Them Dry

As mentioned above, moisture can damage your hearing aid, so if you have been caught in the rain, for example, or have been working out or you live in a hot and humid climate, pay extra attention to how you clean your hearing aids to keep them dry. It can be worth investing in a special humidifier for your hearing aids to ensure they are dry and moisture-free. Removing the batteries and leaving the compartment open can also help to fry your hearing aids out too.

Your hearing aid needs to be cared for correctly to ensure it works as you need it to. Being proactive about caring for your hearing aid will prolong its lifespan and give you the best experience when wearing your device. If you have any concerns, consult your hearing specialist for assistance and guidance.

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